Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blind tired. 16 hours of travel with a game but eventually very worn out and moderately (justifiably!!!) crabby 10 month old coming off 4 days of pretty nasty flu (her first ever: scary) and one night in the middle of it completely lost to street celebrations after Barcelona took home the big football championship (over Arsenal). Having been in Paris when France won the world cup, and having ventured out into the not all together pleasant celebration that ensued, we chose this time to stay in bed as the revels devolved into moderate looting and riot police all within painful earshot of our hotel room (when the helicopters started swooping in around 4 a.m. we were actually pretty grateful).

But Barcelona was nevetheless magnificent (good coffee, good bookshops, good restaurants, good narrow streets and wrought-iron balconies, good museums (a lovely Twombly, among other goodies, in the Museum of Contemporary Art)). And the Spaniards (Catalans!!) we encountered all unbelievably warm and welcoming.

At any rate, more stuff soon. Promise.


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