Sunday, April 23, 2006

Surfing around a bit, I came to a picture of someone's bookshelf. The bookshelf was meant to be a backdrop, but I found myself fascinated by the lineup of books, that looked so familiar, in their general shape and variety of colors and sizes and font types, and that were completely unfamiliar when I actually read what they were and who they were by. It was an instance of that dream phenomenon where everything looks just like it does on the outside (the outside of your skull) until you actually look at the everything in question and see that it is in fact quite different. The site I was visiting happened to be run by a Canadian. So that explained things a little: similar book design, a whole different group of books. Not that this couldn't happen with a photo of a bookshelf in the US, but even if I haven't read something here, I've likely seen a reference to it. These were titles and authors I couldn't place. Maybe if I looked more closely...


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