Monday, August 14, 2006

"Strange how people are under the impression that making a bed is exactly the same as making a bed, that to shake hands is always the same as shaking hands, that opening a can of sardines is to open the same can of sardines ad infinitum."

Julio Cortazar
"Secret Weapons"


Anonymous Tim Atkins said...

To crack a nut is certainly not an art, therefore no one would dare to bring an audience together and crack nuts before them in order to entertain them. But if anyone should do this nevertheless, and if he successfully accomplishes his “art” then the thing does cease to be a mere nut-cracking. Or rather, it continues to be still a matter of cracking nuts it becomes apparant that we have normally overlooked what an art it was, because we could do it so easily, and that this new nutcracker was the first person to show us what the real nature of the business was; and it might then be even more effective if he was a little less good at cracking nuts than the majority of us.

Franz Kafka
Josephine The Songstress - Or The Mice Nation

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