Friday, June 09, 2006

A kick-ass interview (at Econo Culture, by Davis Schneiderman) with a kick-ass writer, thinker, and powerful force for sanity in the world of writing (Lance Olsen) is here.

A taste -- my language in the brackets:

"While I wouldn’t want to suggest said [big, fat New York] houses aren’t bringing out some terrific and surprising work (think José Saramago, David Mitchell, David Markson), I do want to suggest they are bringing out less of it than they did, say, forty years ago. Nor would I want to suggest that indie presses don’t bring out some horribly mundane, simple, sloppy stuff in innovationists’ clothing. Still, in our current sociohistorical reality (and I use the term loosely), indie presses by and large remain sites of aesthetic, political, and philosophical resistance. They remind us that our fiction, and hence our world, can always be other than it is."


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