Thursday, September 14, 2006

After years of putting it off (maybe because postage is so ghastly), I finally ordered something from It came yesterday -- L'Invité mystère by Grégoire Bouillier, the English version of which has been getting a lot of love at various good sites. I was delighted to discover that the marvelous Editions Allia (who publish Oliver Rohe, a writer I've translated) is behind it. Worth noting that Allia brings out its books in a very small, elegant paperback (of course -- it's France) format. The English edition is handsome too, but of course it's hardback and bigger. At any rate, Bouillier's book, in its original incarnation, which will fit very neatly in my jacket pocket, is my reading for this New York/Providence trip, which starts tomorrow and ends next Thursday.

I'll see if I can't drop in a couple of trip posts along the way -- though I won't have a computer with me (thank god) as I plan to take just a daypack and a totebag.


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