Monday, September 04, 2006

The new issue of Poets and Writers has a feature on the great Alice Notley -- whose work, if you haven't explored it yet, is major. The Descent of Alette has a permanent spot on my short shelf of books and her new selected, Grave of Light, will be in our household shortly.

What boggles my little mind about it is that Poets and Writers chose to put Jennifer Egan on the cover of the mag rather than Notley (P Roth also is featured -- I'm sorry, but whatever, how many features does the guy need). It's a silly thing, and I'm sure Egan is on her way to being a great writer, etc., but Notley is amazing, has won major awards (if that's what counts) and looks fantastic (check out the photos in the feature). I had it in mind to write in a letter to the ed about it -- but it was just too silly and I didn't know how to do it without making it sound like I thought Jennifer Egan wasn't deserving.

But come on!


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