Monday, September 18, 2006

3 days in New York a walk through Harlem past the Alexander Hamilton house closed to the public while its structure is investigated -- it's not safe -- a woman serving roti on 125th street taking care to put together a nice portion across the street from Modells and close to the Apollo then tumblers on the subway like it was 1981 when they hit their break dance moves very polite very professional and fucking amazing paint flaking everywhere stuck out on the tarmac at laguardia doner kebab on houston pizza at two boots (got the newman and the cleopatra jones)saw my dear pals jackhammers on 8th ave at 2 a.m. not my problem so sleeping like a baby drinking the Macallan with Garrett the low grade horrors of bookstores indie and not who don't carry or barely carry the brand new book cool folks like Bud Parr at the Brooklyn Book thingamajig bumped into the awesome Lance and Andi Olsen on Houston saw some model guy ate at Rice (just okay) coveted a bag rescued a galley copy of The Ex from Housing Works (yeah right someone's going to buy it) feet smoking in my shoes brown velvet jacket too warm for this Indian summer thing or whatever that's happening time out at my grandfather's in Connecticut back to town tomorrow maybe a movie probably just more pavement smacking can't beat it not at all


Blogger Jamba Dunn said...

I don't believe I've read anything else by you with quite the same distressed urban tang. Complicated backgrounds in sharpest focus. [Such a contrast from The Paris Stories, which I had my students read earlier today.] I can almost smell the diesel and nag champa wafting up from the hot New York streets. What a delight to read.

Not quite the same energy back here in Boulder. No paint chips flying. The excitement of the day was about summed up in this Pearl Street Mall overheard.

--There they go again with their stupid faces.

12:18 AM  

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